Thursday, February 03, 2011

Praying in behalf of his People

I am inspired by the love that Lehi feels for his people. What love does one have for another when he or she prays in behalf of them? Being concerned for their welfare. Caring for their spiritual being and their conduct.

I feel this for my family, and I feel this for my neighbors in general. I really love seeing the love that is exhibited in one person for another group of people. I imagine someone kneeling there and earnestly praying. Having charity is what is being manifested I believe. The pure love of Christ.

I am reminded of references in the Scriptures that indicate that teachers and representatives of God who are to teach the principles of the gospel carry the responsibility of and accountability of the sins of their people. There is a balance of knowledge and ignorance of sin. But sin is knowing to do well and doing it not. So the people who sin are live in sin know to do well. So what is the reason for the accountability of the teacher?

If the people already know that they are sending the narrowly know what is right and wrong. So what is the role of the accountable teacher? Him that the acknowledgment of one individual of the sin in another has some value. In this case it is the acknowledgment of one individual the prophet of the sin of another individual or individuals. I am reminded of the references to ridding oneself of the blood of the sins of people.this accountability is met with declaring the sins of the people acknowledging them and then declaring repentance which is alignment with what is right.

This alignment is offered by Jesus through his atonement. The imbalance in the universe that is caused by our sin is compensated for by his atonement.

I wonder who I am the teacher of. I wonder if I am the teacher of anyone whose blood of their sins are on my garments. I know that the blood of my sins are on my garments but is there blood on my garments of the sins of others?

Do I "choose in" to this accountability for the spiritual welfare of others? Or is this accountability given to me by God? In any case I know that I must be prepared now for either of these choices to be made either mine or God's.

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