Monday, January 31, 2011

Jesus is the Christ, the Eternal God

Notice that Moroni, the author of the title page to the Book of Mormon refers to Jesus Christ as the Eternal God. I prefer this over the popular reference of Jesus Christ as the eldest spiritual brother. I actually refute those references because they override God's (Jesus Christ's) role as the father of all our brothers and sisters who are spiritually begotten (born again) to Jesus who becomes our spiritual father. Jesus is, therefore, actually my spirit father...not my spirit brother.


Brian said...

"Refute" is an interesting word choice. Jesus is known in the Book of Mormon by many titles, each of them correct, each one emphasizing a different aspect of his ministry. "Christ", "Holy One of Israel", "Lamb of God" etc. To choose one and declare it the most correct, I think, is unwise. Which is also, I think, your point.

R J Browne III *Chip said...

My point is only concerned about the brother vs. father conflict in our beliefs.